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Pregnancy: What are the dangerous infectious diseases?

Interview with dr. Augustine Menditto, Gynecologist, Medical Director at the UOC of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Bethany Evangelical Villa of Naples, on infectious diseases that can create problems of malformations during pregnancy.

Duration: 02:31
Licence: All rights reserved
Original Language: Italian
Published: 11/5/2012
Diseases and Conditions: Pregnancy

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Gravidez: Quais são as doenças infecciosas perigosas?

Беременность: Какие опасные инфекционные заболевания?

Gravidanza: quali sono le malattie infettive pericolose?

Schwangerschaft: Was sind die gefährlichsten Infektionskrankheiten?

Grossesse: Quelles sont les maladies infectieuses dangereuses?

الحمل: ما هي الأمراض المعدية الخطيرة؟

Gebelik: tehlikeli bulaşıcı hastalıklar nelerdir?


Pregnancy: What are the dangerous infectious diseases?

Embarazo: ¿Cuáles son las enfermedades infecciosas peligrosas?

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