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BCMA-targeting CAR T-cell Therapy

Multiple myeloma cells express a number of antigens which have varying roles in the mechanisms of the disease and immune evasion. One of these antigens, B-cell maturation antigen—or, BCMA—is overexpressed on multiple myeloma cells. BCMA is associated with several disease mechanisms in multiple myeloma, including the proliferation and survival of malignant cells, immunosuppression, and drug resistance, among others. Chimeric antigen receptor—CAR—T cell therapy is a form of adoptive cell therapy in which T cells are collected from the patient via leukapheresis and engineered to express a specific CAR membrane protein. The CAR protein contains 4 components: the antigen-binding domain, a transmembrane region, a co-stimulatory domain, and a T cell activation domain. When the CAR T cells are infused back into the patient, they bind to BCMA on multiple myeloma cells. The CAR T cells activate to trigger signaling cascades that release pro-inflammatory cytokines, leading to cytolytic killing of multiple myeloma cells.

Duration: 01:29
Licence: All rights reserved
Original Language: English
Published: 2/2/2023
Diseases and Conditions: Cancer / Multiple Myeloma
Format: 3D Animation

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BCMA-targeting CAR T-cell Therapy

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